The Smart Features of Hydraulic Concrete Mixers

Hydraulic concrete mixers come in a range of sizes and forms, from simple mixers that accept the combination and them have rotating blades which will mix it into a prepared to use form, to modern-day units that instead of using a mechanical system have an electronic mixer control unit that has SMART features.

SMART Control is a thing that is starting to be more common. This can be a system that is utilized to set the rate from the truck’s mixer drum. It includes drum control via a simple, easy to use keypad, and has a display unit that shows the speed of the drum, the operating hours, and then any maintenance related information at-a-glance.

The control unit will pick the most economic working point, taking parameters like the drum speed, for filling and discharging the system. It requires into account the engine, and it will surely usually err towards a lesser, more power efficient speed range.More information about hydraulic mixer is on

There are lots of advantages to having this type of smart system. Firstly, it implies the unit’s noise production is quite a bit reduced, and therefore the system consumes less diesel too. The present speed in the engine is registered together with the CAN bus, or utilizing a drum speed sensor. This can help the product to maintain a consistent drum speed, which makes a smoother, better mix.


It is possible to program two drum speeds to the device, and this means that it’s possible for the device to return to one of several pre-set speeds. It will help with stepwise dishcharging.

The SMART features are useful to prevent unnecessary deterioration of your machine. They make the concrete mixer go longer, and create smoother, better mixes too.

Concrete mixers are pricey machines, and if you need those to run well you will have to maintain them properly. This simply means cleaning them regularly and performing careful maintenance. This means watching the manufacturer’s recommendations, and making the most of the smart features to ensure that the unit is operating within normal parameters and not facing excessive load under normal use.

In the event you can’t afford a hydraulic concrete mixer completely new, there are many businesses that sell second hand ones that will still serve you well. Concrete mixers are the sort of machinery that can last for many years if they are dealt with, and you will have them at auction with warranties to show they may have been tested and they continue to be regarded as being reliable as well as in generally good condition.

The greatest thing about getting a pre-owned unit is that it will retain much of its value if you take better care of it, if you ever go to should sell the machine within a few years time you will be able to recoup a great deal of everything you purchased it. You can sign up to service agreements on both new and used mixers that will help you to ensure they are in great condition for many years.

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