Maintenance Techniques For Jaw Crusher Machine

Do you have a jaw crusher machine? Do you need to know how to go about maintaining a jaw crusher machine? Regular maintenance and servicing is essential if you want to be sure that your machine keeps working as it ought to for a long time of energy. You can expect to save a lot of time and funds by providing the jaw crusher the interest it requires. Below are a few guidelines to help you sustain your jaw crusher machine.

Just about the most important things you need to keep in mind is cleanliness. The most typical mistake people make when operating a jaw crusher is because they simply stop taking note of cleanliness and merely have got a production at any cost’ mentality. This typically results in an attitude where operators stop cleaning out sludge buildup which leads to contamination of your oil that may potentially cause issues, later on. Therefore, experts recommend periodic oil analysis to acquire a concept about the fitness of the equipment in that particular time.

The oil should be changed regularly through the help of clean buckets and clean rags. Whenever the jaw crusher equipment is now being cleaned, you need to guarantee that clean gaskets and filters will almost always be available. You need to seek out obstructions inside the discharge chutes along with material buildup under the jaw to avoid excessive wear.

The inspections need to be performed regularly, as defined by the maker in the manual. Usually, manual recommends a schedule of daily, weekly along with monthly inspections. An effective schedule must be maintained and everything should be recorded in the logbook to make sure that regular inspections are conducted. Several of the essential things that should be checked include jaw dies and cheek plates amongst other things. Similarly, bolts needs to be tightened and flywheels ought to be cleaned regularly.

One more thing you should check is the log data. For instance, huge alterations in the amperage draw will provide you with an understanding if something is not really right with your jaw crusher machine in Sri Lanka. The total down time also need to be noticed and logged. When the time it takes for that machine to come to a dead stop keeps changing, it may be an indication of a concern with the machine. Another mistake operators usually make with one of these powerful machines is because they try to over extend broken down parts. As an illustration, in the event the jaw dies become too thin, you won’t be able to flip them over. To use the jaw dies as long as you can, you must change them out sooner instead of later. It is also recommended to update the machine from Aimix Group in order to take advantage of the latest innovations in this space.

Overall, one of the better ways that you can ensure continuous and safe operation of the jaw crusher machine is to get a daily, weekly and monthly repair and maintenance schedule. You must also make sure that all things are logged and checked. Checking the log data may help you discover potential issues with all the machine. Take into account that regular maintenance and servicing will go a long way in extending the service life of your jaw crusher machine.

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